Whoa! Where the hell has this year gone?


Last year absolutely FLEW by. When I look down at my tired old Casio and see that it’s already the end of February, I realise it’s actually taken me 3 months to write this haha! I started writing this blog post back in November as a yearly wrap up,
life got in the way but weirdly the sentiment still stands.
Where has THIS year gone?!

We decided to start this blog so that we can share some bits and pieces about us and our little indie biz. It seems like the perfect way to share a little more of who we are with the people who have noticed Your Space and want to know more about the two sisters behind it.

Sometimes I actually forget how this whole thing even started! How did it all of a sudden go from us spitballing ideas with each other to a real life living and breathing business? It honestly feels like just a few weeks ago we were sat in my living room, in our comfy pants watching Gilmore Girls saying “We could totally have our own business, right?”
If Lorelei can do it then we can too!   

We get SO many questions about how Your Space came about. What made you want to do this? Did we design everything ourselves? How did we find the space? Do you really have over 200 plants? Over a few blog posts we will delve into this a little and share a bit more about the real journey of how this space actually became Your Space.

Not surprisingly this wasn’t something that just happened overnight. We started planning this whilst we were still working full time at our regular old day jobs, and it took months of late nights researching, planning, crying, arguing, crying (and did i mention crying?) before we even picked up the keys to Herengracht 407.

We were so lucky that we had each other to bounce ideas off and make decisions with. I can’t imagine how insanely hard it must be for people to start a business all on their own! How do you make any decisions without having crazy anxiety that you’ve made the wrong one? Thankfully for us, most of our ideas aligned with each others and the ones that didn’t ended in classic sibling arguments that after 5 minutes of kicking and screaming we had resolved.

It was a whole year and a half before our little dream became a big reality and we opened our doors to people for the first time. In hindsight, boy oh boy did we have absolutely NO idea of what kind of a journey was ahead of us!

It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster with many ups and downs so get ready folks, we’re going to spill the dirt on some not always glamorous details. We won’t be giving every little secret away (duh! we're trying to make a living after all), but if we can help a few people by sharing some of our story then we'll be happy little vegemites!

It’s been an interesting ride that’s for sure, but we are proud as hell of what we have created!

Until next time!

Stay Kind.

Melissa x